Glad to have you here!

The aim of my blog is to collect and rate the best food places in big cities like Budapest, London, Berlin… and more.

As a gastronomy enthusiast and hobby baker, i keep a sharp eye on the latest urban food trends and places, so i promise you will get the best insider tips about good and tasty food (restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries).
Oh and you can also expect some beautiful cake pictures from me, as i’will share my creations with you from time to time! ☺️

I would like to share my honest experiences with you and want to provide a guide where to go and what to eat when you are travelling and have a desire to go to places where mainly locals go or hidden so not very popular among tourists.

I hope you will find my tips useful and will enjoy your trip wherever you’d go.

Are you ready?

Start browsing on my site and also check out my insta feed for more! @galgreti

(I’d be happy to hear from you, your feedback, good/bad experiences or anything you want to share.)


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